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Real reviews 2022

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Customer Reviews

2022-02-19 07:02:43
In the past, I had been to other trading platforms (one of them was a mostly purple background) but PO TRADE has by far made trading for me so much more easier and enjoyable. Although they don't have the "rollover feature" that's nothing much for me to be bothered about since they have something else in place for it. I can win GEMS and still join in on tournaments for cash prizes. Also, this is the ONLY platform I know of that provides real tutorial trainings for me to look at and learn from at no extra cost. Best of all, the deposit and withdraw methods are done in literally a few minutes for me. I've NEVER had to ask anyone about the status of my deposits on here. This is how technology is supposed to work when your trading HFX in my opinion. I won't be recommending those other places anymore, this is where it's at. Oh and they have some trades that hit 90% returns during the weekend!
2022-02-18 15:10:59
User ID: 10406351. I'm yet to make a deposit but I enjoy sharpening my skills on the daily tournaments.
2022-02-17 12:06:50
Hello . I am Farnam Arbabi. I am a trader who has been trading in global markets since 2019 inside the pocket option envelope space with user ID: 4926790.
Friends, my opinion about this site is that Envelope pocket Option was able to change my lifestyle and financial situation. This site is excellent and has regular payments. I have been receiving payments from this site for four years. Its support is fast responding. It has many markets and is very reputable. I suggest you try this trading space. As a trader, I endorse this site in every way.
2022-02-16 08:03:12
I'm new to platform I'm learning how to trade daily they provide free tournament . I observed lot of people feel happy by using this amazing platform
2022-02-15 07:13:46
Good application for trading. Very fast withdrawal. I recommend this platform for traders to enjoy trading
2022-02-13 22:56:02
I love pocket option it’s easy to use great quality 100% recommend
2022-02-13 18:42:28
PO TRADE is the best trading app I've used. My deposit was credited instantly, with zero commission. The user interface is friendly, and easy to use. Prices are updated, so trading is done at the right price.
2022-02-12 18:14:47
I Love PO TRADE! PO TRADE is a very reputable Broker that I have found to be very responsive to my questions and my deposits and withdrawals are alway very timely.
2022-02-12 09:22:26
سلام خدمت شما .این بروکر بسیار عالی هست بسیار سریع از هر لحاظ .قابل اعتمادواریزبسیار
سریع از برنامه خوبتون نهاییت تشکر را دارم. من پنج ستاره امتیاز میدهم
چهار تا ستاره نشان داده نمی‌دونم چرا
2022-02-11 18:11:51
A lot of features....really excited to use this platform

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