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Customer Reviews

2021-05-04 13:57:07
I like PO TRADE platform, it has almost everything and I
whish I could deposit fund and start trading and also I like to see if the Ethereum and all cryptocurrency can be start trading in PO TRADE.
thank you
2021-05-04 07:13:34
A great way to make profits
2021-05-03 21:00:30
definitely should have rollover for perfect 5
2021-05-02 17:55:33
Great way to make an extra amount of money.
very simple to use.
best part is that you can add indicators directly on the candlecharts without the need of trading view.
2021-05-01 01:54:44
Pocket option is amazing. You must try it and also remember risk management !!!!!!
2021-05-01 01:42:24
I’ve enjoyed trading and learning the art of bio art options
2021-04-30 19:51:03
Great broker with plenty of options
2021-04-30 06:48:52
Good website just need to work on research before using real money
2021-04-29 22:19:13
Great way to start binary options trading , with some research and a robust strategy you will easily make passive income. Recommend practicing with a demo account and making consistent profits before switching to live. Havent had any sort of problems as of yet ;)))
2021-04-28 17:19:03
Good broker with many features and benefits. Four things I feel need attention: 1. there is a 1-3 second lag when you enter a trade, that can make or break a trade, please fix. 2. when using unfixed time, sometimes there's an added 15 seconds, which makes it longer than fixed time, that makes no sense and defeats the purpose of unfixed time, which also can make or break an entry. 3. Wish the app had the same exact features as the mobile website, i find the mobile website to be way better than the app, the app is very limited on indicator and settings, so its better to just use the mobile website to trade, if there was a way to set the settings on the computer and keep them on the mobile app the same way, that would be amazing. 4. When the page refreshes, it resets to unfixed time, wish we could choose what to be the default so it stays that way. I feel like if these things get attention, this would be incredible. Everything else so far is good, so 3 stars.

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